Best Cheap Stocks to Buy Under $10

Are you looking for great stocks at a low price? Then look no further because we have just what you need! We’ve researched and identified nine of the best cheap stocks to buy right now in 2022.

Each stock is selected based on its current market valuation, high potential upside, and strong financial fundamentals that can help realize returns over extended periods of time.

With this list, investors will be able to pick up value buys without having to break the bank or cut corners when it comes to analyzing the stocks’ quality. Continue reading and find out which dirt-cheap companies are poised for success and discover potentially lucrative long-term investments today.

Telefonica SA (TEF)

Telefonica SA (TEF) is a Spanish telecommunications company and one of the best penny stocks to watch. It is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, and its stock has consistently gained value thanks to its continued growth in revenue and profits. From 2015-2020, TEF’s market capitalization increased from $55 billion to over $80 billion. 

On top of that, strong customer service and reliable products have positioned Telefonica SA as a leader in global telecoms and attracted many customers across various nations. Its services include mobile phone services, internet packages, home telephone solutions, pay TV solutions, wholesale activities, enterprise solutions and more. All of this makes TEF an attractive choice for those looking for penny stocks with good returns.

Nomura Holdings Inc. (NMR)

When it comes to penny stocks, Nomura Holdings Inc. (NMR) is one of the top names to watch. Based in Japan and with a diversified portfolio of asset classes, this firm is considered one of the world’s largest financial services companies.

 NMR stocks have recently been trading in the low $3 range, making them an attractive option for investors on a budget. What’s more, their current strength makes now an ideal time for new investors to enter the market; savvy buyers might score big profits if the stock reaches analysts’ predicted highs over the next couple of months.

 Even if that doesn’t happen, long-term holders can still enjoy potential upside from NMR’s strong fundamentals and outlook – great news whichever way you look at it!

Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (RYCEY)

Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (RYCEY) has been gaining popularity amongst penny stock traders recently due to its potential for growth and significant returns. 

As a global engineering company, Rolls-Royce develops, manufactures, and distributes cutting-edge components and technologies for aerospace, marine, nuclear and other industries. Although this stock is volatile and experiences wild price swings up or down in response to news headlines, some investors find short-term volatility favorable when looking to make quick profits.

 For those investors who are willing to ride the ups and downs of RYCEY’s share price, it may be a good choice for their portfolio as it has excellent dividend yields at the moment. Long-term investors who believe in its future potential may also find success with this stock as it not only has above average return on equity but also is relatively stable compared to other penny stocks.

Telecom Italia SPA (TIIAY)

Telecom Italia SPA (TIIAY) is one of the best penny stocks to invest in. As Italy’s largest telecommunications company, Telecom Italia SPA has seen steady growth and has been able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the telecommunications industry. 

The company retails services like mobile network, broadband, digital television and even fixed-line telephone services. It is also notable for its customer loyalty and emerging technologies such as 5G networking. 

With a focus on innovation, Telecom Italia SPA proves to be an attractive option for investors looking to hedge their bets in the penny stock market.


SCOR SE (SCRYY) is one of the best penny stocks currently available for investment. It represents a unique opportunity for those looking for long-term returns and relatively low risks. 

This French holding company distributes insurance, reinsurance, and asset management services all around the world, giving them an immense global reach and presence. Its strategic planning makes it ideal for those wishing to play the stock market without taking on too much risk. 

Furthermore, it provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from its strong links with governments and large financial institutions throughout Europe. SCOR SE is definitely worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for a safe yet profitable investment opportunity!

VNET Group Inc. (VNET) 

VNET Group Inc. (VNET) is a penny stock investment with huge potential for growth and profit. With its current stock price of just $0.50, investors are offered the opportunity to acquire more of VNET’s shares than they would at a higher share value, while at the same time having the potential to make substantial profits if their stock rises in value over time. 

This penny stock offers excitement as well as risk, however, seasoned investors understand how to take advantage of market fluctuations to increase their wealth exponentially with careful strategy and research. 

While riskier than investing in stocks of established companies, smart investors should consider taking a chance on VNET Group Inc. (VNET) due to its offer of high potential gains at an affordable entry point.


If you’re looking for the best cheap stocks to buy right now, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched and identified nine of the best cheap stocks to buy in 2022.

 These stocks are all from different industries, so they offer diversification potential as well. And they’re all priced at $10 or less per share, making them affordable for just about any investor. So what are you waiting for? Start researching these wonderful companies and their stock prices today!