Best way to lower diastolic blood pressure

Best way to lower diastolic blood pressure – Easy Life Rule

You have the way of liberation in your hands. People who do not have physical or mental problems cannot be found. On the way we have to face many problems every day.

Here are some easy ways to get rid of problems like high blood pressure, headaches or mood swings:

High blood pressure control:
The Vegas nerve controls the heart rate. Blowing on the thumb disrupts normal ventilation around the finger. As seen, it activates the vegas nerve. Vegas nurses lower heart rate and blood pressure.


Hold the point of the left hand with the finger of the right hand for only 30 seconds to get rid of the headache and tension. And at the moment feel where the headache has escaped, and the anxiety is gone!

Are you suffering from severe headaches? Dip your hands in cold water. Because, the hand has a lot of nerves that are directly connected to the brain. When the brain receives a cold water signal, it will instruct the body to raise its temperature. This will increase blood circulation throughout the body. And you will be relieved from the headache.

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To keep the mood right:
You know, pencils are mood boosters. Hold the pencil between the teeth for a while to improve the mood. According to experts, taking a pencil in the mouth in this way activates the muscles of the smile. And the mood gets better. During this time, you must clean the pencil.

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