How to make the right decision

How to make a right decision in life – Easy Life Rule Hunger is not a decision in the stomach, eat first. In the course of life we have to make many decisions of all kinds, big and small. Most of the time when to make a decision is not known in advance. But you … Read more

How to get to know someone you like

How to get to know someone you like – Easy life Rule Suppose you know an urgent matter from someone. But he is not giving you true information, he is lying for some reason. Is there any way to understand it? Here are some great ways to catch a liar in a matter of seconds: … Read more

Corona victim: Asian small apparel industry brands ↣ EasyLifeRule

Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the world economy. This loss is increasing day by day due to long lockdown and stoppage of human life. Asia’s small apparel brands are not far from this loss. These fashion brands are facing serious losses. Such information has come up in the BBC report. The BBC report … Read more