How to get to know someone you like

How to get to know someone you like – Easy life Rule

Suppose you know an urgent matter from someone. But he is not giving you true information, he is lying for some reason.

Is there any way to understand it? Here are some great ways to catch a liar in a matter of seconds:

  • If you notice a little, you will understand that their eyeballs move extra when they lie. And those who can speak eye to eye have honest courage.
  • He looks away for fear of being caught, looks at something else and talks.
  • When lying, people can keep their eyes closed for a long time as a self-defence strategy, as if they are answering very thoughtfully. In fact, he is hiding the truth.
  • People usually roll their eyes five to six times per minute, that is, once every 10 to 12 seconds. But when someone is under the stress of taking refuge in a lie, that person can blink very often five or six times in a few seconds.

If you realize he’s lying, be careful. We never have to resort to lies in any need in life.

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