How to make the right decision

How to make a right decision in life – Easy Life Rule

Hunger is not a decision in the stomach, eat first.

In the course of life we have to make many decisions of all kinds, big and small. Most of the time when to make a decision is not known in advance.

But you have to know from now on, otherwise it may be in the past.
Surprisingly, in fact, a recent study found that making an important decision in life on an empty stomach carries a risk of regret in the future. This means that the decision may not be correct.

According to a study by Dundee Ebert University in the United Kingdom, participants were first divided into two groups. One team is allowed to decide on important matters once on a full stomach and the next time on an empty stomach. And as can be seen, they make decisions on an empty stomach with instant good and bad in mind. In other words, in all cases, the decision may not be wise. If the stomach is full again, then they have decided about the future in a cold head, then there is no need to change.

Dr Benjamin Vincent, who is in charge of conducting the study, said it was not wise to take it on an empty stomach, big or small. If someone buys food from the supermarket when they are very hungry, in most cases, all those foods are not healthy at all. The same is true of very important decisions.

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Instead of rushing to make a decision about something urgent, think calmly about eating and resting, then make a decision.

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