Top 5 Online Master’s in Nursing (MSN) Programs in 2023

A master’s degree in nursing is a great way to advance your career and expand your skill set. Online MSN programs offer convenience and flexibility, allowing nurses to gain professional qualifications without having to disrupt their lives. With so many options out there, finding the right program can seem daunting; but don’t worry — we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll provide you with an overview of the available online MSN programs and guide you through when selecting the best program for you. So if you’re ready to take that next step towards advancing your career in nursing, read on for some information about the top online MSN programs available today.

University of Nevada–Las Vegas

With a Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Nevada–Las Vegas, you can take control of your career in this rapidly expanding field. With course offerings covering the latest advancements in nursing science and many elective courses to choose from, you will be able to make sure that you have the best education possible.

As an online student, you will get more than just instruction from experts in the field; you will also benefit from the real-world experience shared by fellow students. Each course offers an engaging virtual environment that allows collaboration with faculty and peers while exploring relevant topics in depth. You will gain valuable knowledge and skills while building relationships with professors and other students across the nation, allowing you to propel your career even further when you graduate.

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University offers an online MS in Nursing with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention. Students can choose from two concentration tracks tailored to fit the needs of their professional practice and personal interests: Pediatric Primary Care or Family Nurse Practitioner. With flexible coursework, practicum opportunities, and virtual specialty clinics offering experience with diverse patient populations, the online MS in Nursing Degree from The Ohio State University is highly achievable for busy professionals.

It provides students with the knowledge necessary to influence health outcomes at the individual, organizational, community, and policy levels. Those who take part are armed with the resourcefulness and confidence needed to engage in frontline clinical practice as well as leadership roles in clinical settings.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University offers an online Master of Science in Nursing program tailored for nurse professionals looking to improve their practice, advanced nursing specialization, and skillset. With a flexible online format, Georgetown’s program allows students to continue with their full-time work while they are pursuing their degrees.

The degree is composed of 10 courses and includes pharmacology, patient safety, quality improvement, biostatistics, and epidemiology among others. Students in the program can complete the entire degree from anywhere with an internet connection or attend one of the two on-campus residencies. Additionally, due to Georgetown’s strong connections to Washington D.C., students have access to special events and private lectures featuring medical professionals at well-known hospitals in the area. Whether you choose the flexible online format or want to partake in a campus residency, getting your MS in Nursing from Georgetown is sure to be an enriching experience.


Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers an online MS in Nursing degree program to help you stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment. With classes taught by expert faculty members, you can gain an understanding of contemporary nursing concepts as well as develop essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis.

In addition, this program offers flexible learning options so that students can tailor their academic plan to fit their own schedules and needs. All courses are designed with a modern nurse practitioner in mind, allowing students to take their careers to the next level with a higher degree from Texas Tech University.

Duquesne University

Duquesne University stands out when it comes to online MS in nursing programs. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), the program is designed to take students’ skills to the next level, offering challenging courses that can be completed completely online. Students are able to connect with professors and classmates over a secure platform, receiving personalized guidance throughout their education.

Duquesne University’s approach focuses on caring for patients holistically and taking into account cultural, social, and economic factors, as well as physical ailments when treating patients. With an incredibly low student-teacher ratio, this university’s program provides unparalleled access to faculty and resources that propel graduates forward in the global healthcare sector.

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